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About Us

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Building a self reliant society.  

A self-reliant society refers to that society where every household, being socially united and enjoying the fundamental rights, can maintain own household expenses (food, clothes resident, medicines, education etc.) from own income source and orient towards the equitable society.
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Core Staffs

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Mr. Rajan Nepal Mr. Rajan Nepal
Jankpur 4, Dhanusha, Nepal,
Secretary/ED (Volunteer)

Mr. Nub Raj Bhandari Mr. Nub Raj Bhandari
Hatpate - 5, Sindhuli,
Program Director/Researcher

Mr. Brij Mohan Das Mr. Brij Mohan Das
Kurtha - 4, Dhanusha
Admin & Finance Manager

Mr. Bishnu Kumar Bhandari Mr. Bishnu Kumar Bhandari
Kshireshowarnath Municipality - 5, Dhanusha
Program Manager

Mr. Narayan Prasad Dahal Mr. Narayan Prasad Dahal
Lekhani VDC 9, Udaypur
Field Coordinator (Water Supply & Sanitation)

Ms. Srijana Aryal Ms. Srijana Aryal
Janakpur, Dhanusha
Project Coordinator, BTB Dhanusha

Mr. Binod Karki Mr. Binod Karki
Bengadabar, Dhanusha
Principal Social Accountability Practitioner

Mr. Naval Kishor Mandal Mr. Naval Kishor Mandal
Dhanusha Govindapur, Dhanusha
Legal Consultant

Mr. Khagendra Dahal Mr. Khagendra Dahal
Hatpate 2, Sindhuli
Wash Officer (Post ODF Campaign in Siraha)

Mr. Sashi Bhusan Ray Mr. Sashi Bhusan Ray
Parsa Pateli, Mahottari
Project Coordinator, BTB, Mahottari

Mr. Santosh Karna Mr. Santosh Karna
Janakpur, Dhausha
Project Coordinator, BTB, Siraha

Mrs. Nisha Thapaliya Mrs. Nisha Thapaliya
Janakpur - 1, Dhanusha
Logistic Officer

Mr. Krishna Prasad Dahal Mr. Krishna Prasad Dahal
Sitapur Bhangaha - 4, Mahottari
Office Assistant

Mrs. Rita Jha Mrs. Rita Jha
Janakpur - 4, Dhanusha

Currently JWAS has not foreign volunteer.

Our Previous Volunteers (Development Workers)


Name and Contact

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Mr. Bodo Noack (Germany)

ded (Now giz)

Forest Engineer


Mr. Christopher Kayango (Uganda)

VSO Nepal

Organization Development


Mrs. Elizabetha Katushabe (Uganda)

VSO Nepal

Community Development

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